Development of a component-based, collaborative web application framework

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my judgement the time of the Single Page Application is over. I am telling this despite the fact that the number of frameworks that implement this architecture concept is ever increasing. I believe that the architecture itself has fundamental flaws that generate supplementary workflow during the development and deployment of the projects. In this study I am willing to find a new architecture that rectifies every disadvantage that Single Page Application currently has while holding onto all the benefits. For example the usage of external services for Search Engine Optimization support can be eliminated completely. Furthermore we have the opportunity to involve additional resources when the complexity of the application calls for it so that we don’t face performance issues.

In my thesis I thoroughly document the design phase of the new architecture and I discuss the necessary questions and the reasons behind my decisions. After the review of the concept and my goals I describe how I have managed to implement the architecture using PHP language and which solutions have I chosen. It has always been my intention to create a product that is easy to use and can be tested for errors with minimum effort.

In order to prove that my variant is able to achieve this goal I have created a case study which reveals the main difference between the traditional server side applications and the one proposed by myself. The concept describes the steps taken towards the refactoring of the current code base which results in a components based, scalable and collaborative application. In the closing chapter I summarize my experience that I gained during the development process and I also outline my future plans related to the concept. I hope that my thesis will offer a new solution that is worth being implemented in future projects.


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