Component testing framework for testing the software of dialysis systems

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Dr. Szatmári Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The comprehensive testing is an indispensable part of the development process of safety-critical systems like dialysis machines, because in case of a mistake even a human life may be endangered.

One level of software testing is the unit integration testing when we examine the cooperation of the smallest units of the system. Such integration tests of the acute dialysis machine of B.Braun Medical Ltd. are stored as text instructions currently, which can be executed manually on simulator. During a previous development a component testing tool was created to simplify and speed up the testing which examine the suitable cooperation of a subsystem’s units automatically. However for this suitable and very complex text format test files must be created manually.

During my thesis work I designed a graphical interface for creating these files. Later, I implemented it in Java language. At the beginning of my thesis I am presenting the significance of dialysis, the structure of acute dialysis machine and the theoretical foun-dation of software testing. Next I am presenting the process of component testing with the extant tool, including the importance of start-up from snapshots. I am touching upon the procession of graphical interface’s design as well as I am giving reasons for choosing the technology. In the next chapter I am adverting the implementation of the software which side by side I am presenting the technology what I used and the complete application, too. After that I am educing the steps of test writing, then I am devising some ways for the system to fit into the development process. Finally I am setting out the development possibilities of the system.

The new interface can create the input test files expected by the testing tool. The testing system will be ready for live use after some further development, and the making of integration tests will be significantly simplified.


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