Investigation of the common failures of composite insulators

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Dr. Göcsei Gábor Róbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

One of the most important parts of the electric power systems are the insulators. They need to be replaced in case of failure, which is problem for users supply, and also has affected serious damage to property as well. Therefore, we must strive to make the tasks of the insulators, which is safety supply over a long time of period.

Thesis get to the composite insulators after the presentation of the electrical network. Then I summarize the most important faults which could get the insulator in usage. The next section is a description of the typical test methods. I detaile the structure of the methods. The measurements are illustrated with examples to understand the tests. From the results we can conclude that the insulator how much effects do they got and is it possible to use even more. In addition, it can get even sure that we are applying to the composite insulators on the right path. Because it’s a not to old development, and we have to use all of information about it.

Finally, future tasks summarize, referring to further studies.


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