Simulating the heat spread with conduction using GPGPU systems

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I made a conduction simulation with Finite Differences Method using GPGPU (General Purpose computing using Graphical Processing Unit) technics for calculating parallel. Nowdays we have a lot of assets which are able to compute parallel, such as a personal computers, smart phones with multi-core processors, or even just a videocard. I made a program which used my video card's processor called the GPU to calculate the solution of a finite diferences method which I used in my simulations. This technics is called the GPGPU (General Purpose computing unsig Graphical Processing Unit). I reviewed the history GPGPU, and its opportinities. I also reviewed the possible ways of heat transfer, and the methods which allows us to calculate conduction. I defined the Finite Differences Method.

I introduced my own program which I created harnessing the power of CUDA language, which calculates concution using my computers GPU. I also made experimets to gain experimental data to be able to compare them with the results of my simulations.


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