Lightning protection design of a conference building according to the actual standard and its future amendments

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Almost two years have passed since the lighting protection standard marked MSZ 274 was cancelled in Hungary on 1st February 2009, and at the same time the international standard MSZ EN 62305 issued in 2006 came into force. The Hungarian version was issued in 2009, but its application had already been recommended before. In the meantime, decree No. 9/2008 (II 22) of ÖTM still makes the old procedure method obligatory known from the standard MSZ 274. The draft for updating the national fire protection rules (OTSZ) had been prepared a long time ago, but it has not been finally accepted yet. This makes the designers within the profession face a difficult decision among the legal regulation and the achievements of the scientific, technical research works. The situation is being complicated by the fact that since the publication of the new international standard it has continuously been corrected, specialized in the background. The publication of the second edition of IEC 62305 Ed2 is expected for 2011 together with the new Hungarian OTSZ updated for the first edition. This will again make conflicting documents become valid.

The thesis work plan overviews the application methods for standards MSZ 274 and IEC 62305, and the procedure of planning, and it also compares their practical applicability. For the introduction of changes the standard in effect at present and the latest official draft of the second edition (IEC 62305 Ed2 FDIS) are to be compared in my paper. The objective is the total processing of the two versions of the standard IEC 62305 and the introduction of differences on a lightning protection plan made up for a selected building (conference building).


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