Conference organizer portal with mobile support

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our world the majority of scientific knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete. The newest knowledge base is originated from the latest scientific findings and technologies. this process forces the experts continuing the education and learning activities. Conferences are the most important events, where these people could find some information about the recent technologies, important results of research. Life would be much more easier, if people could reach scientific informations in from web and mobile devices.

My goal was to develop an interactive portal, wich helps people to organize these conferences. Visitors can reach the site from mobile devices, so the site has two different user interfaces. The visitors can apply for the conferences, and can read further information about the events. Participants are allowed to dowload the attachments of the events.

The first section includes the detailed description of the technologies what I used for the planning and the implementation. In the second section I present the most important steps of the planning (database, GUI), the requirements imposed on the website, the modeling of processes, which take place during the usage of the site, the problems arising during implementation. The essay ends by opportunities for further development and future plans.


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