Configurable data acquisition system for environmental chamber testing

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Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

As a graduating Electrical Engineer, my task is to design a configurable data acquistion system, which could be used for climate chamber investigations in order to verify different type of electronic components and circuits. The continuous monitoring of the manufactured products, according to the strict quality requirements and standards, makes a challenge in almost all industrial fields. By using software-based test systems, the execution time of each product test can be reduced, beside higher reliability factors, greater transparency and reduced costs can be reached. In certain cases, during the manufacturing of the products, it could be appropriate to investigate the environmental dependence of the electrical parameters. In these tasks can help the automated tests carried out in climate chamber.

During the design process of the test system presented in my Thesis, I got to know with National Instrument’s LabVIEW programming environment, with the potential opportunities of CompactRIO architecture, with the operation of climate chambers and with the most important properties of the investigated discrete components. The program environment, which is made for measuring certain parameters of operational amplifier IC’s, implements the most important functions of software-based test systems. The measurements can be executed, and evaluated from the main program without any user intervention. The CompactRIO system is the main part for controlling and data acquistion tasks in the test system. This system provides sophisticated scalability, reliable and accurate measurement results.

In the near future, I plan to develop a measurement system, which is suitable for handling and investigating several type of different analog circuits by using the experiences and knowledge gained by my Thesis work. This new test program will be written in NI TestStand software environment.


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