Development of a parametrizable communication module for CS-SCADA process visualisation system

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The purpose of this work is to get knowledge about SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, design and develop a communication module for a modularized SCADA application. The aim of these products is to make a communication interface between the technology and the controlling staff.

Many kind of multifunctional solutions exist in the market for such problems, but in case of complicated systems with special requirements, the use of these solutions are difficult and need unplanned compromises. This is the reason why uniquely developed SCADA systems are still needed in industry. The main disadvantage is the great amount of work, and the time that it lasts to develop such a system. That’s why we should modularize our software. Some of the software components don’t need to be modified during installation to another application, if its functionality is not influenced by the technology directly. These components should be separated as standalone modules of the software. Of course it’s not so easy to make a module, which makes its own task in very different industrial environments, so we should make our modules configurable, multifunctional. With these features our software will be reusable with minimal modification and development. The product we offer is able to serve the contracting party’s special requirements and it needs just a short time to be developed. Nowadays, it’s a huge goal in this part of industry.

The communication module has to read the PLC’s memory, and store that data in a comprehensible form. I had to develop the drivers which provides the connection between the PC and PLC devices, than read the given memory areas, make the proper conversions on these data, than store them in a tag-sophisticated database. In order to debug errors fast and effectively, these processes are monitored through the diver’s monitoring window.

CS-SCADA, which is reviewed in this document, is part of the EGIS’s Plant Process Control System.


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