Concurrent key-value pair storage with REST API

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The achievments and innovations that the ever-improving field of Information Technology produced have become a very important factor in almost every aspect of our lives. Taking advantage of the performance gain that parallel computing provides has become more and more important due to the latest developments in the industry, but our softwares also need to be created bearing parallelism in mind.

Many frameworks have been released to aid software engineers in their task to write parallel programs using the well-tried programming languages that are currently available. Beside these, new programming languages have also been created, designed to simplify the process of writing efficient and reliable softwares, so it is worth making a comparison of these excellent alternatives.

In my thesis I examine Java, C++, Go, Scala and some third party libraries that are available for these languages, which enable software developers to create robust, parallel programs.

Using each of the above mentioned technologies I create an application which supports efficient storage and retrieval of key-value pairs, provides a RESTful API and is suitable for usage in a concurrent environment. I also compare the implementations using measurements regarding their CPU and memory usage.


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