Design and development of an automated JuggleBoard

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of Craig Quat's popular device is the Juggleboard, designed for education purposes to teach the basics of juggling with lightened ball exercises for those who are struggling with movement coordinations. This is not only an easy way to start learning to juggle but also makes improvements in sense with certain types of disabilities sense by stimulating the motor cortex in the brain. For now the instructor, Craig Quat is crucial part of these excercises since his wide experience and knowledge makes possible for him to recognise and adapt the moves to exploit the right sequences to achive the improvements.

With the automated version of Juggleboard, the abilitys/skills of users could be measured, and the different (even adaptive) gameplay modes would accelerate the learning process and facilitate widespread use of the device, opening the door to further study and support the effects of long-term use. To do this, I instrument the Juggleboard with sensors and servos (electronically controlled motors) during my thesis and implement the software that processes measured sensor data and controls the "play" while taking into account the user capabilities. As a pillar of this, the software should be prepared for the basic (physically measured) parameters/events which can indicate the user's ability. Based on these the executed program can control the difficulty levels.

In the thesis the following should be present: the process of designing the prototype, the implementation of the prototype, what were the software and hardware challenges and the use of the prototype while evaluating the data gathered during use. Despite during my work i touched several techniques and technologies which i have no experience with, I tried to use the studies which I learned at the university such as software design processes and measurement technologies.


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