Visualization of container trans-shipment crane operations

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Units optimizing the communication between a controller and the operators have gained recently a continuously increasing role in process engineering. In industrial control applications these units are referred to as human-machine interfaces (or HMI) units. These devices are usually provided with screens, with which the operators can observe or even manipulate the process.

The purpose of the thesis was designing and implementing a visualization system of a refurbished gantry crane. The main tasks of the visualization system are to monitor the operating of the crane and to send warning and error messages to the operator if necessary. With the new operator panel, the handling of the crane became safer, and the troubleshooting became faster.

The thesis overviews the main types of cranes, including the most important gantry cranes and container cranes that are used in rail transportation. The thesis also includes the state of the control system of the crane before and after the refurbishment and the hardware devices (PLC, frequency inverter), and software devices (Simatic Manager v5.5, Simatic WinCC Flexible) that are used during the process. The thesis also presents the structure, the design and implementation of the visualization system, and the screen layouts of the user interface. The simulation and the implementation of the visualization system is mentioned at the end of the thesis.


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