Installation of a new control system on a container cleaning station

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Hungary uses several washing stations for cleaning containers and drums. The devices perform their duties for nearly 20 years. For displaying the process they used Siemens OP 17 panels, and for controlling them used Siemens S5 PLCs. Currently, these models is an EOLA products; therefore in case of failure, the purchase of new parts can be a lengthy and expensive. It is appropriate to update these systems.

My tasks in my thesis are developing a new display system and make a proper PLC program for this task. During my work I introduce the structure and operation of the washing system and with this knowledge I write down the chosen hardware configuration, the proper development environment and the programming language. I detail the structure, development and the screens of the display system. I introduce the structure of the PLC program for changing screens, proper text display and for writing reports.

After the development I implemented the software and made test methods for checking the working of the system according to expectations. Based on these the modernization of the process control system has been performed with the satisfaction of the customer.


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