Controlling modul implementation in ERP software

OData support
Risztics Péter Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Controlling systems are necessary for nowadays large institutions, companies. Their abilities in information collection and methodization are essential for making responsible choices. There are some kind of controlling methods based on the type of data they use. Therefor my objective of this thesis is to realize a small piece of a controlling system.

I decided to make a module to track the money from various kind of tenders. I engineered and implemented a complex program from planning to observing and connecting the plans to the facts. Since the module was intended to integrate in an existing economic software, I reviewed its architecture, processes and data structure. I used the UNIFACE development environment for the realization of the project, so I reviewed its features and introduced its working too.

After the preparations I designed the data structure, the user interfaces and the functions of the whole module. Then I implemented it by the help of the UNIFACE development environment. Finally I tested and evaluated my work.

I also added some web features to the created module for meeting the requirements of nowadays systems. Within the confines of this I reviewed the web development abilities of the UNIFACE and analyzed the existing web functions of that above economic system.


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