Development of the internal communication web application of an accounts' network

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The purpose of this work was to develop a questions and answers (Q&A) component of a profession-specific web directory named Könyvelő The dynamic spread of the usage of virtual technologies increases the significance of consumer’s confidence in electronic marketplaces and far away partners. My hypothesis is that during the transaction process between partners, the information asymmetry has to be dealt with targeted communication tools in order to avoid the reduction of prices. In the thesis I’ll demonstrate on the example of this unique service for the accounting market how can online communication models accompany the transaction elements. By developing the Q&A component I’ll address the problems of information asymmetry and the deriving transaction difficulties.

The system has been implemented as an object-oriented PHP-based web application. The Q&A component I created utilizes a unique, proprietary framework (PHP and C++ at Lightspeed, called PACAL).

The development of the application were implemented as follows:

- A new development environment has been created for the Q&A component of Könyvelő (

- An external user interface (frontend) and an administrative interface (backend) were set up.

- Special lists were prepared based on various filters.

- In the Q&A component questions can be asked, answers can be given and both categories can be commented.

- Questions, answers and comments can be rated and analyzed.

- Topics can be categorized by linking tags to questions.

I believe that the deployment of the PACAL framework based Q&A component will be a viable contribution the success of Könyvelő By analyzing various usage pattern data deriving from the system, this component will be able to shed light to interrelations and help to convey quality indicators of accountant services.


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