E-book reader development for e-ink device

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the past years, people have started to realize the numerous advantages ebooks have to offer. The vast majority of people now own a smartphone, a tablet, or an ebook reader device, all of which make reading ebooks possible in comfortable ways. Ebooks are easier to store and are considerably more portable than their traditional, ink-and-paper counterparts, while the devices used to read them offer numerous additional features, such as searching for text or adjusting font size and screen contrast for optimal readability.

In many countries, the market of ebooks and reader devices is thriving, and it is steadily growing in Hungary as well. Through my efforts in a diverse and extensive project, I intend to boost the growth of this market. I am developing an application for a reader device which utilizes an E ink display. This application allows users to purchase, download, organize and read ebooks of their choice. As a result of our work in said project, a multitude of Hungarian ebooks will soon be available, which, I believe, will greatly contribute to the success of the market in Hungary.

Since the reader devices I work with run Android, the application will be developed on this platform. These devices are made to order explicitly for the purpose of running this application. Once we have concluded the development and thorough testing of the application, we are planning to make it publicly available for purchase.


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