Modelling cooperative smarthomes

OData support
Péter Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our modern, advanced world, we have more and more gadgets which are smart or have a smart version. There is a Smart TV, Smart watch, or even Smart fridge, which orders some milk if it runs out. During my bachelor studies, I built a smart home model which is connected to the internet so it’s status can be updated and influenced. The doors, windows and lights can be controlled, and the house can react to it’s environment. (Smoke, gas, rain, light…)

My goal of my master’s degree thesis is to upgrade the house with a control unit which allows the house to communicate and cooperate with the other smart homes around it, in it’s street or residential area. (In reality there will be only 1 phisical model, the other houses will be virtual ones.)In this way i can achieve that in this residential area the houses will use the energy in a more effective and steady way. The houses will store their sensor data in a common database, and the controller can use this database to interfere and increase energy efficiency.


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