Development of cooperative team strategies for zero sum games

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the first part of my thesis presents the Art Of War 3.0 simulation environments. We are able to examine the function of different cooperative team strategies with the simulator. After the review of the simulator, we will focus on the developments made on the simulator.

The next part of my thesis contains two different strategies, with them we are able to control multiagent system. All two strategies focus on the optimization every mobile robot move, for the best cooperative behaviour. The first strategy is based on heuristics like that, than the most distinguished ancient Chinese military science work creating thoughts coming from. The second based on a robot football strategy, which proved his efficiency in the robot football championship. All two strategies will be presented from the basis ideas to the solutions applied in the course of the realisation.

The last section of the essay demonstrates the results of the completed stretegies, tested in the updated simulator, and some possibilities for improving.


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