Development of a cooperative demonstation environment for mobile systems using wireless coordination

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The goal of my thesis was to develop the hardware prototype of a model car which is able to operate autonomously and to cooperate. The model cars based on this prototype communicate with each other through wireless connection. First, I studied the IEEE 802.15.4 standard which serves as the base of the wireless communication and its options. I learned the usage of the network topologies defined in the standard with the help of the SimpleMAC API and STM32W devices that support the standard. For a number of reasons the STM32 RF mote itself is not able to fulfill the role of the on-board computer. So I applied one more microcontroller (AVR Stamp F USB) to control the steering servo and the motorcontroller which is responsible for driving the car. I used Two Wire Interface to communicate between the two boards. First I built the physical part of the connection then I implemented the program which realizes the communication.

Then I got to know the operation of the servo and the motorcontroller and I solved the control of them. I did not manage to create an application which is able to demonstrate the cooperative behavior because of the lack of hardwares. Although there were sufficient number available of model cars and microcontrollers applied, only one motorcontroller was managed to obtain and the creation of the prototype itself (forming the connections, soldering, assembling) took a long time. In order to create opportunities for the autonomous operation I attached an ultrasonic sensor to the front of the car. I got to know the theory of ultrasonic distance measuring and the operation of the sensor. Then I implemented the program which realizes the distance measuring. After forming the connections between the used devices, finding solution for the control of the car, for communication with the car and for distance measuring I created the remote control program of the model car. Finally, I implemented a collision detection and avoidance algorithm to demonstrate the autonomous behavior. During the tests I found the optimal parameters which functioned properly in the algorithm.


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