Developing the base and user management module of a cooperative event organizer application

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With my colleague Osman Omar, we imagined a project, which target is to create a software, what makes it possible to communities, to manage events in a way that the particular details are not finalized, and the event can require other tasks. The community can trace and define these tasks and the details of an event in a cooperative way with the help of the application.

The project includes a client and a server side solution. In the first case, we decide to create a mobile application on the React Native platform, for the server side we designed a distributed system of microservices. To not reinventing the wheel, we choose the Spring Cloud and the Spring Cloud Netflix frameworks, which provide tools for a solution that consists of microservices.

My job was to design and implement the bases and architecture of the system. It includes the user and permission management and the business logic of the groups. This affects the client and the server side too.

After the introduction and the specification, my thesis presents the technologies that I have used during the implementation of the microservices, and then specifies the design of each services. After these, it describes the technologies of the mobile application, that are followed by the details of the application’s design. Finally, some other tools are mentioned, which are not connected directly to the development, and then I summarize my work.


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