Monitoring machines in hospitals by IP cameras – picture analysis, sound detection, web application, prepearing PC

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the development of technology has a big effect in health institutions too. Hospitals have many medical instruments which can help the work of doctors and nurses. In my opinion a very important system is the central monitoring system. This is a system, which is able to monitor other medical instruments, even from a distance, save the measured data from these instruments to a central storage and allow to use them again in the future.

My task was to participate in a project which goal was to make a system which has the functionality that a central monitoring system has. We would like to use this system to an instrument called a patient monitor. This instrument is used to make clinical examinations of patients, such as heartbeat count or the value of the blood pressure. Our imagination was that the patient monitors are viewed by IP cameras what capture pictures from the monitor screen and than we try to get the measurement data from these pictures and save them.

There are professional solutions for a central monitoring system which not use cameras, but I think that our conception would be unique. Maybe this is not an optimal solution for the problem, nevertheless it would work when other solutions fail because of incompatibility of equipments. Moreover, the main benefit is that its implementation is cheaper than other solution's.


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