Design guidelines for hospital network infrastructures

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Dr. Szabó Csaba Attila
Department of Networked Systems and Services

A hospital network infrastructure has special tasks, which a usual hospital infrastructure doesn’t provide. The special tasks arise from the fact that it has to fulfill very diverse demands. In a hospital the same infrastructure has to serve employees, clients, special hospital machinery, servers running medical software and companies maintaining these servers remotely. The infrastructure has to be highly automated, and has to provide easy and fast services to the IT staff. All of this to work reliably and efficiently, a well-designed modern network infrastructure is needed.

For a network infrastructure of this complexity, every component (active- and passive network, wireless network, IP telephone system, load-balancing, remote access and management) has to be taken into account while designing. In my thesis I design a complex hospital network infrastructure that answers the special needs of hospitals.

This thesis consists of three parts:

In the first part I investigate the needs of the network infrastructure users in a hospital, and describe what kind of infrastructure a hospital usually uses nowadays.

In the second part I analyse the weak points of this infrastructure, and point out the problems these can generate.

In the third part I demonstrate the network infrastructure I designed, and analyse the technology and solutions which make it suitable for hospitals.


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