Design of an independent reporting module used in hospital information systems

OData support
Dr. Kovács Levente
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays a serious development can be experienced in the area of medical

informatics. Lately, as a result of that a significant competition has emerged between

companies that develop and produce different medical solutions. In order to help the

habilitators to be able to keep up with these tendencies, the medical service providers

have been preparing electronic reports for years now. During the past few years it has

become possible to even forward these reports electronically.

These reports supply data about the provided services, based on which the amount of

money will be determined that the habilitators need to give. That is the reason why

report preparation has become such an important area in the development of hospital

information systems: it is the key to the financial survival of an institute.

Realizing this, though, is not nearly as trivial as it may seem to be – these reports

have to be prepared in a way that they are in line with relevant laws and regulations, let

alone the hard task of minimizing the number of mistakes in the reports (which could

cause a delay in financing that would just further complicate the situation of health care


I prepared my dissertation at T-Sytems Hungary Ltd., successor of ISH Informatics

Ltd., which is the market leader in the area of medical informatics in this country.

Additionally, its products are used in the hospitals of six other countries. Besides

developing and supporting the so-called MedSolution and e-MedSolution systems, the

company now began to develop its third-generation, modular hospital information

system. My job was to prepare a development plan for a Reporting Module which could

be released as a separate product in the future.

During this work I have become familiar with the different medical laws and

regulations concerning medical financing as well as the reporting of different health

care services. First I reviewed the necessity of the preparation of a Reporting Module,

then I examined the solutions of the currently existing systems. Finally I prepared the

plan of the Module’s data structure. At the end of my paper I went into details about the

developmental opportunities as well and I also tried to estimate the costs of the

preparation of a separate Reporting Module.


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