Lap time measurement for the Formula Student car

OData support
Csordás Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

BME Formula Racing Team participate in the internathional Formula Student competiton since 2007. Teams from different countries compete with each other by building a race car. It is useful for the car developer team to make a lap time measurement system. In this document, I present the construction of a system.

In the first section, I give an overview of the professional lap time measurement systems aviable on the market. Later I examine the principle of the suitable sensors to detect the pass over of the car. I explain how I chose the sensors, which problems come up, and the solutions of the problems. Afterwards, I present the hardware compontents: the microcontroller, the radio and the display module.

Later, I deal with with the softwave architecture. I demonstrate the functionality of the software modules. I present the principles of the embedded operations system which I chose for the software modules integration.

At the final section I give an overview of the achived results, and what can be inproved in the future.


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