Noise reduction of steering-column mechanics

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Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays the comfort of the cars is very important especially for those people who travel hours long by their vehicles. The automotive industry tries to take notice of that, so they require it from their suppliers too. The Thyssenkrupp Presta Hungary Ltd. also is pushing this kind of improvement direction. This applied not only in TKP’s main product, the electric steering assist system but also in steering coloumn control module (SCCM). This modul can cause positive feedbacks to the driver if it is moving still and punctually to the adequate position.

In my thesis I deal with noises which disturb the driver and made by steering column control module. Measuring and identifying the noise was one of my goals. I also had to develope the embedded and PC software environment. I could start my job with a manufactured PCB, so my first task was testing the peripherals and hardware.

After I was familiar with the hardware I was trying to collect the most information about the active noise cancellation. At first I studied generally the systems built for noise reduction. When I discovered the properties of the algorithms I had to take into account the measurement system’s capabilities. Finding the sources of the noise was also my aim, especially which can be found in the SCCM module. I highlighted two of them: mechanical and elctircal motor based noises and methods of reducing them.

It was quickly brighten up that I have to create not only embedded software but also a PC software. The PC software serves the easy control of the measurement device. Thanks to the STM32F4 processor the measurement device is going to be able to handle different noise cancelling methods which can initiate further development in the theme.

I had the chance to measure the system properties in an anechoic chamber. Measuring in this room is a rare event, so I decided to create a model from the SCCM system. I searched models and control methods that can be applied to the used electric motors. I could try the voltage control method with the SCCM. This is a successfull process because it is used in the manufactured device.


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