Environmentally sound printed circuit boards

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Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology

Environmentally sound printed circuit boards

The wordwide production for printed circuit boards (PCBs) in recent years has exceeded the amount of 320 million square meters per year. Obsolescence of equipment is 3-4 years, then it becomes a significant proportion of electronic waste. The plastic materials, including printed wiring and processing of waste a significant problem. The procedure only in special cases, economical and high-risk nature of the pollutants occur.

The direction of technological research is the study of the applicability of biodegradable plastics.

This paper reviews the conventional epoxy-based media reuse and disposal of the most important problems. Distributed a summary of biopolymers, their main features, and manufacturers, also dealing with the media circuit used flame retardants and substitution possibilities. The thesis underlying the work done in connection with polylactic acid-based biodegradable plastic carrier for the application circuit.

Keywords: Electronic waste, PCB recycling, biodegradable plastics, bioepoxy


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