Application of modern automation methods in the quality monitoring system of an automotive parts supplier

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

A vendor for the automobile industry which is located on the north-east region of Hungary is assembling many different control panels for car’s radio and HVAC systems. The company has quality control system for its production. They want to produce as high quality as possible. So do high accuracy. Their willing about to reach this goal is showed by that they have bought new machines for checking quality of the elements. One of these machines is measuring the torque of rotary buttons on the assembled HVAC and radio panels. My job was to design partly the control machine as well as the commissioning with start-up.

The thesis begins with a description of the way how the machine should be working with some requests from the client. Then I’ve tried to explain the reasons why the applied control devices were chosen.

The following chapters are about software. Here is introduced the PLC’s software documentation which is containing the working conditions as well as the sequence of measurement with belonging devices. The visualization environment continues the software line by explanation of HMI pictures and functions.

At the end of my thesis I share my experience about commissioning. I collected a few issues as a conclusion about what could be done in different way during the design and work out phases.


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