Intelligent indoor locating system based mobile service implementation

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The outside positioning was become very popular by the appearance of the GPS system in the car and nowadays it is more popular because of the smartphones. The positioning belongs to the basic services in every smartphones, many applications and specialization build on this technology. It is important to emphasize, that the common users are using it every day too, for instance if we are coming from the workplace to home, we are using an application, which provides a real-time traffic information about cars or public transport.

A serious improvement has begun at the indoor positioning system a few years ago too, which was tried by a lot of corporations ever since. It’s not surprising, because it is trouble for a long time that GPS is not able to accurate indoor positioning. Currently the indoor positioning is a great market gap in several areas of the industry. This technology has varied use cases, I’m thinking about sport, work, entertainment or a simple shopping. The companies try to solve this problem in many ways. Quuppa is a Finnish enterprise, which developed an own solution for this problem.

The goal of my thesis is to develop a mobile client application on Android, which build on this technology and introduce the several use cases. At first time I show the different possibilities of the positioning, which are elaborated by several companies. Following this I expound the designed use cases, then describe the steps of the client application’s designing, furthermore the interesting parts of the implementation. In the end of my thesis I write the possibilities of application’s improvements.


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