Application of Up-to-Date Digital Differential Protection in Student's Laboratory Measurement

OData support
Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In today's world we could not imagine our life without electricity. Due to the power supply is stable and reliable, we need devices that work in the background. If any kind of mistake or a malfunction appears in the network, these tools responsible for abolishing it as soon as possible. After it they attempt to restore the normal operating situation.

One of the highest value part of the power system is the transformer, that has a significant role in terms of operation safety. For this reason, the protection is important, and it is based on Kirchhoff's law. That is the transformer differential protection.

What is the purpose of the university? Educate students who are aware of the current state of technology. This student measurement is intended to familiarize the students with the tools and devices which they can meet in the industry. To do this it was necessary to rethink the transformator protection measurement, and redesign it. In this project the University got a great help from the Protecta Ltd. because it gave the modern, up-to-date EuroProt + machine to teach the students for the newest technology.

In my Thesis I summarize the transformer differential protection’s operation, introduce the EuroProt+ family designed by the Protecta Ltd. and describe in so many words the conversion process and the new measuring progress.


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