Application of Up-to-Date Digital Overvoltage Protection in Student's Laboratory Measurement

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Like in our daily lives, in the case of electric power, it is also typical that when we talk about services, the reliability factor becomes more and more important. The base of the continuous and qualitative electric power supply is the protection system which guards the electric power system, as Silent Sentinel. Its function is to end the faults which have occurred in the electric power system, as soon as possible, and restore the normal conditions if it is possible.

In Hungary the overhead lines of mid-voltage grid mostly work as 20 kV radial networks. Grid like this can be protected with over current protection or impedance protection. The appliance’s function is to work reliably, quickly and selectively even if a mistake appears which branches off from bus-bar or arises on a line. These systems are also able to react to the big-voltage faults and they can sense the smallest faults of the whole line too.

Students who attend the Budapest University of Technology and Economics are really lucky to be a company like Protecta Kft which has a 50-year-old experience in defense, and this company also helps the students to get to know the latest defensive functions through their studies. In this way the students met with the EuroProt+ digital protection device at the university. This device is the latest appliance of the company and it has all the advantageous properties of the modern digital protections. To know all the functions of EuroProt+ exceeds my topic because the main aim of my thesis is to study DTIVA thoroughly.

In our hectic world it is really important that the students will be an expert in what they study and do and to know all details about their profession. And it is also important that they can use the acquired knowledge. The protection of the electric power system is mostly supplied by the latest and modern digital protection devices, so if we want to train highly qualified, competitive engineers, it is unacceptable that their knowledge is based on history and past.

In this thesis I will give an introduction to over current protection, the Protecta EuroProt+ family and the devices and set-up of the old/new measurement that will take place in the laboratory of the Power Systems and Environment Group.


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