Planning, operation and supervision of small office networks with up-to-date tools

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays information technology is gaining ground. Using computers has become widespread at home as well as at work. Today no one would believe that a company is not making use of information technology while communicating with clients, doing accountancy, carrying out procurements and internet banking.

At my workplace my responsibility was to plan, build and supervise the computer system of a company. It is not a simple task since we are expected to provide the system’s continuous operation and the connection between businesses and the main office. To reach this objective it is essential to create and supervise the technological background and to make the system work properly since the sales, stock records, product movements and statistics are running on it.

At workplaces it is also important for the colleagues to reach the system and the data from home.

Besides providing continuous operation, it is also vital to plan and develop the storage back-up system and restrict access.

While developing the system, I have used Microsoft products both on the server and the client sites.

In my dissertation I introduced the technologies connected with developing, their theoretical background and I also introduced the system usage by developing a company system.


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