Integrating modern user interfaces to service desk systems

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Almost all the Service Providers specialized in informatics provide Customer Service in order to serve the Customer quickly and effectively and as well as to make sure smooth communication between the Customer and the Company itself. To ensure trackability and thorough administration, companies use different ticket tracking systems. The above mentioned systems provide continuous and straight communication between the parties during troubleshooting or until the Customer’s requirements are fulfilled and the query is resolved.

There are many different ticket tracking systems, however using human resources as an interface between the Customer and the Service Providers is still inevitable and crucial part of the process.

In my thesis I design and implement a sytem, which can replace some of the human interface steps from the Customer Service proceess.

Within the first two chapters I am going to introduce how Customer Services work, what is the relationship between the Customer and the Service Provider, and also I am going to demonstrate how the ticket tracking systems operate. The main point is going to be defined here: how human resources are used as a point of contact between the Customer query and the trouble ticket.

In the third chapter the commonly-used communication channels are going to be described; such as emails, telephone and websites. I am going to investigate one exact end-to-end process from automation point of view and point out the crucial details of it.

In the third chapter I am going to design a system that helps in automation. On top of this, the system’s internal operation is going to be covered in details and the interfaces needed for global connections will be examined, too.

At the end of the chapter I am going to take a certain trouble ticket as an example and I am going to show how the system would work.


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