Advanced industrial automation solutions in manufacturing plant constructions

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

A company can get ahead of its competitors by coming up faster with new ideas, better solutions and cheaper products. Time to market in manufacturing factories can be reduced by speeding up the development and providing means for quick and easy application of changes. Vendors and end-users have already created own standards which are meant to achieve this goal. This Thesis compares such standards, and introduces their common approach of technology-based automation.

I describe a package created by Rockwell Automation that provides an integrated solution for the many levels of automation. Function and object library helps faster development, and the library is maintained, upgraded and documented completely by Rockwell, thus the automation developers can focus on the actual project.

A Siemens-based customer standard is also introduced. Its goal is the consistency and interchangeability between the customer's factories, so it can be cost-effective. This standard also has a function library and the applicable devices are also limited. If the customer has the resources to maintain and upgrade, it is worth applying such standard.

During my previous assignments I have already developed parts of an automation system for a manufacturing plant, without the application of pre-defined standards. In the present project I develop part of the control system of an automotive manufacturing plant, where I must comply with the high quality and reliability requirements and the short deadlines. During this I have to use and comply with a customer-made standard I have previously learned, and integrate specific self-developed functions that were not defined in the standard. I summarize the experiences of the installation, the commissioning and the production start.

I draw the conclusions and I state that it requires extra effort from the automation developers to comply with the customer standards, and deciding on using only one vendor's products is a constraint, but by using such standards the planning, development, installation and commissioning time can be reduced.


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