Development of a modern logistic management application

OData support
Prekopcsák Zoltán
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The traditional messenger services are working in a classical model. The dispatcher receives the orders from the clients and records them in a system. The messengers are managed through phone, the packages are organized among the delivery places by hand. The optimization of the routes and administrative tasks requires a high degree of attention without IT support.

Nowadays the smart phones have become popular and available for nearly everyone. In parallel the use of advanced location tracking technologies has become a basic function of these devices. Appropriate use of information collected in this way could provide an effective optimization of the business process.

This paper presents how a dispatcher could simplify the work of himself/herself in the everyday work using modern technologies. For this purpose it would be very important to implement a flexible platform, which is easily customizable for the users depending on their different specific needs.

In order to reach such goals both the conceptualization, the planning and the design of the system described have been made using the classic client-server type architecture. This system uses bleeding-edge technologies: the two major components are the MongoDB NoSQL database engine and the Node.js server-side JavaScript environment. Several other universal tools (for example the jQuery Mobile) have been used to design the user interfaces in the spirit of the multiplatform philosophy. With this help the program can be used on different platforms (Android, Firefox OS, iOS) without any modifications.


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