Advanced solutions for wireless energy transmission

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Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The devices used in everyday life requires a continuous energy supply. The wireless energy transfer provides a convenient solution to this problem. This technology is expanding, although there are still a lot of unresolved tasks. Nowadays mostly magnetic coupling is the basis of the energy transfer, but it has not so good efficiency. In this thesis the wireless technology of energy transfer will be introduced and investigated in detail the solution of capacitive coupling, as an alternative for inductive energy transmission. The progress made in this field will be examined and evaluated. After that an own low-power capacitive-coupled wireless device design will be introduced, including the converter, the control, the coupling plates, the compensation and the load. Computer simulations are made and with the experimental laboratory instruments, measurements are taken. During the measurements the device frequency properties and performances at different air gaps will be investigated. The simulations and measurement results are evaluated, and further development opportunities are proposed.


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