Design of modern enterprise networks

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

This thesis shows an example of designing and implementing a complex enterprise network topology based on needs of real business partners using today’s modern technology. The presented needs are provided by real partners and should be taken into consideration during the whole design process. Besides of the needs of the partner it is also important that the implemented system is simple and easy to manage. At the same time, we also need to make sure that the management network is well-separated from the production network, and is reachable only from the selected management endpoints and accessible only for authenticated and authorized users.

The dissertation discusses operation of new network tecnologies used in today’s enterprise campus networks and shows the benefits of using theese instead of their previous alternatives. Besides, it gives a good summary about today’s needs of corporate networks and shows the detailed steps of a designing and implementing an actual network. It is also covers the engineering decisions to be made in order to select the best solutions among the possible opportunities.


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