Application of advanced project management methods for software testing purposes

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Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

I am writing in my thesis that how should be organized the work of an organisation and team dealing with software developing and testing according to the new type of management methodologies, which have been formulated in Agile – for instance the Scrum and Kanban.

After the introduction of agile values and principles, my new type of logistic model is being prepared by the introduction of the basics of Scrum and Kanban methodological devices. Moreover, the similarities and differences between the Scrum and Kanban systems are emphasized in a special way. It is followed by the case studies which are based on practices and my experiences.

Finally, my achievements and assessments are the conclusion of the thesis.

In my work, the more important thoughts of agile software development and testing have been highlighted as against the less relevant ones; and the essence of these management methodologies has been emphasized in an easily understandable way, however it seems difficult in most cases.

Furthermore, I would like to reveal that these systems are rather devices which are needed to be understood first of all and then its directions are needed to be able to use in practice.


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