Modern web-based management system for educational team competitions

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Organizers of the event are craving for an online administration system that can help with handling the users and students data, helps in the team sign-ups, and even creating statistics or manage an entire competition. My intention is to create such a system for the benefit of the organizers and competitioners.

In the first chaper of my thesis I am going to bring some contex about the competition to better understand the project. In the second chapter, I will explain what makes an application to be modern and web based, and introduce the fundamental technologies making such an application possible. Then, I will use this learnings to design a modern web based application for the competition with the aim of making it easily improveable and easy to use. In the third chapter of my thesis, then I collect the requirements and specifiactions of the system. As understanding these I will refine the scope of this thesis. Later on this chapter I design the system. Also in this chapter I mention how it should set to production. In the fourth chapter I will write about the implementation and the environments used to implement the system. In this chapter I will also show a challenge I faced while implementing the system. In the last chapter I will summarize my thesis and drawing the future work of the project.


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