Sheet music editor in Windows 8

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Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the development of information technology and its integration to the everyday life sheet music editing has changed just like text editing: programs which are able to write sheet music have appeared. But their number and variety is lower than regular document editors, since a narrower target audience uses them.

There are expensive, complex solutions which offer a lot of functions, and simpler, cheap or free ones. Nevertheless it’s true for all, that since musical notation is quite a complex and special field their handling is not trivial; at best they have to get used to. However, this is not a necessity: to note some musical ideas you don’t need all-knowing software, just as you don’t use the largest office suite to write down some reminders.

The more and more widespread touchscreen devices are perfect for easy and intuitive handling, especially the ones with larger displays: the touch-based input is closer to noting down music by hand, the keyboard was obviously evolved for regular writing.

The Windows 8 platform allows us to use both touchscreen devices and regular computers.

My assignment was to create a Windows Store application which can create simple sheet music efficiently, quickly and joyfully without learning special commands and formats, by using the mouse or touch in the ordinary staff notation system. Moreover, as part of the software experience, it can immediately play the created notes and save them for later editing, too.


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