Requirements and business analysis of software development projects

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the first stages of software projects, the most important task is the correct definition and documentation of the business needs outlined by the customer. Because of the variety of IT projects, monitoring and managing business needs have a key role in the progression of projects.

Managing requirements derived from customers’ needs accompanies the entire lifecycle of a project. Changes have an effect on the final functioning of the system under development. The costs of changes are getting higher with the progress of the project, therefore the handling of modifications in requirements is a primary task.

The topic of the thesis is to collect and introduce available requirements engineering processes and the related business activities, which are used in software development projects. Based on the characterization and specification of these processes, the task is the creation of a new method, which uses the benefits of the available models. With these benefits the newly created method gives a usable and effective tool to support business analysis. The method defines general rules for the steps to follow, bearing in mind the diversity of IT projects.

The task includes the development of a software, which aims to implement the new, advanced requirements engineering method and the automatization of its process. This implementation is an introduction and an exact description of the usage of the advanced method. The software is developed with using the steps and functions of the advanced engineering process. Thereby, the application is an example, which proves the applicability of the method.


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