Incremental integration of requirement management systems

OData support
Búr Márton
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Requirement collection is one of the first and most important phases of a software development process. This process involves the stakeholders, who serve as the basis of the requirements, and a group, who collects the requirements.

In case of safety critical systems, requirements are especially important, because such systems must comply strict certification rules. For this reason, these systems may have hundreds of thousands of requirements.

In order to efficiently store, categorize and analyze requirements at this large scale, companies facilitate different requirement management systems. Such systems provide different features for various purposes. In some cases, however, to efficiently analyze requirements, the users should be able to place them in a common model instead of storing them in different tools. Additionally, seamless and fast synchronization is desired to always provide an up-to-date picture for the stakeholders.

In my thesis, I overview my solution for processing and converting requirements from two popular requirements management systems to a common representation. I also introduce the incremental update mechanism I implemented for one of the commercial requirement management tools. Finally, I evaluate the performance and scalability of my requirement integration tool, and support my statements with several measurements.


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