Development of a requirement-monitoring system

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

No matter what kind of testing process we are working in, we need to have clear information about the requirements regarding the product under test. The uninterrupted availability of these requirements are a neccesary prerequisite for the undisturbed work. To monitor the testing process, statistics have to be made which are available for both testers and coordinators as well. We also have to present these statistics in a user friendly and aesthetic format.

In the first portion of this thesis, I will introduce the existing requirement monitoring process in the group I am working in and through it I will prove that the existance of the subject of this thesis is justified. I will also present the specification of the new requirement monitoring system while justifying the chosen platforms.

In the next chapter the data collecting layer will be described in detail with its critical points and the solutions for these. This part will get the biggest focus for the reason of it needing the most work and also because the technologies used for the two other components are more widely known.

In the third part the database used for storage for the releveant requirements will be described. Also the reasoning behind the implementation will be presented.

Finally, the ASP.NET technology used for the webpage will be introduced along with the data binding used for presenting the requirements.


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