Electrical test methods of tools for live line working at medium voltage

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, the topic of continuous electric power supply is very important. Live Working could provide help for uninterrupted electric power. Live Working makes it possible to work on the electric power network without the consumers realize that.

First part of this paper deals with the history of Live Working from the beginning to the present.

At medium voltage these works are performed using insulating tools everywhere in the world. These tools should be tested regularly to check whether they are suitable for work.

The second part of this paper deal with electrical test method of bucket or liner of aerial devices with insulating boom used for live line work. This part is based on MSZ EN 61057:2000 European and IEC/TS 61813:2000 international standards. Both standards prescribe the same two test methods, so I concentrated on comparing the two test process rather than on the two standards, after show the little differences between the two standards. I used final element methods field simulations, for the comparison of the two procedures.


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