Analyzing DER resources to the voltage profile and losses on a Neplan based MV grid model

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis work, I analyse the effect of increasing, renewable based distributed generation units, particularly from the range of 50 kVA-50 MVA, on medium and high voltage electricity networks. During work, the market leader network simulator software, Neplan is the means of my examinations.

In the second and third chapter, I present the method of description of time-variable consumption and generation in the program, besides summarizing profound the structure and functions of Neplan’s electric module.

Afterward, in two different case of network configurations: a) a transformator feeded medium voltage radial network and b) a high voltage power plant substation with PV units in the same network part, I analyse the distortions on voltage profile and effects on load flow. The reason for choosing each element and their parameters has been supported by detailed explanations.

In the network models, I run and evaluate the results of Load flow and Short circuit simulations, even checking them by manual calculation. Furthermore I use some of these data to illustrate the standard principles of scaling, through designing network elements.

In the closing part, the effect of photovoltaic generation units during normal and faulty operating status is being presented. I also summarise some of cutting-edge solar power technologies, including their inverter’s controlling methods.


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