Considerations of the design of an MV consumer distribution equipment

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Efficient transport of electricity requires the use of higher voltages. This justifies the use of special devices, because electrical arcs occurred are to be eliminated as soon as possible. Larger consumers such as factories, industrial plants, or even a shopping centre often have a medium voltage feeder. Nowadays in most cases installation of an outdoor switchgear is not possible due to the lack of available space. The demand for smaller space usage affect the use of the distribution centres too. The modern solution for this problem is the enclosed switchgear, which in addition to their small size guarantee safe operation.

The switchgear is consist of modular units that have distinct functions. The equipment must meet many requirements. To mention some of them: the capability of metering, remote controlled operation, polling of the status of the devices has to be ensured as well as a protection mechanism has to be provided. All this with fail-safe operation, of course.

In my thesis, I introduce the steps of a switchgear design. According to the emerging needs I examine the possibilities and consider several factors in order to make a recommendation for implementation.


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