Review of the time of specific operational condition necessary for LLW duties on medium voltage network

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The technology of live line working in Hungary has been developed several decades ago and it is being shaped ever since. At present, it is used by power supply companies and by Ovit Zrt. for pre-designed assembly jobs. Because of the more and more strict requirements against electricity supply, it is essential for the uninterrupted supply of the consumers. The safe application of live line working technology has made it necessary to introduce the special operational state when working on networks. However, in this way, the continuity of power-supply does not cease, but it gets into danger.

In my thesis, I look for opportunities to avoid the special operational state while still keeping safe work by thoroughly studying the interference that can be done on networks. My examinations also extend to the effects of abnormal states appearing on networks, on the interfering people. On the basis of my research, I try to make proposals for modifying the duration of the special operational state.


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