Lifetime Management of Medium Voltage Cable Networks

OData support
Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I investigate the lifetime management of middle voltage cable networks, what has great importance in terms of electrical energy supply. The importance of the issue can be assessed, if we consider the supplier and consumer damages what can be caused by the failure of a cable due to false maintenance.

At first in my thesis I describe the properties of cables with different type of insulations as literature research. After that I describe the diagnostic methods of theese cables.

In chapter 3. of my thesis I deal with the financial aspects of operating the cable networks.. In chapter 3.1 I investigate whether it is profitable to use cable diagnostic or ot. After that in chapter 3.2 I present an own decision support system implemented in MATLAB.

In the fourth bigger part of my thesis I compare proven existing decision support systems with each other and with my own model.

In the 5. chapter of this thesis I present solutions for the those cases, in which we have got false data as the input of the decision support system, or we miss any property data of the cable. Of course we have to specify the maintenance strategy in theese cases too.

In the last part of my thesis I summarize my conclusions about the lifetime management of the middle voltage cable networks.


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