Test methods for medium voltage insulators

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The basic topics of my thesis are the insulators of the medium voltage overhead

line distribution system, collecting test methods and making some measurement in the

High Voltage Laboratory.

The medium voltage network is a very important part of the electric power

distribution system. Proper and reliable working of the network is fundamental for a high

quality power supply for the consumers. These overhead lines are more than 10 km long

and they are exposed to the harmful effects of weather so the elements of the system must

be high quality products. First of all I introduce the structure and the main elements of

the Hungarian medium voltage distribution network, and I study in detail one of the most

important equipment, the insulator. Insulators hold the overhead lines and separate them

from the ground. During the years several materials were used. The standard associations

worked out different test methods to guarantee the highest quality. The test methods can

depending on the material of the insulator and on different environmental effects. In my

thesis I summarize these test methods for different type of insulators. I deal with the

phenomenon of hydrophobicity and I introduce the methods for testing the waterrepelling ability of the surface of an insulator.

After collecting the methods, I evaluate the examinations which are made in the

High Voltage Laboratory, I present the configuration of measurement arrangements and

the implementation of the measurements.


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