Building Secure WLAN for Secondary Schools

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis I develop a software solution to the problem that emerged due to the fact that wireless technologies have recently gone through an enormous development.

I study an elementary and secondary school that installed the wireless network in 2004. The network was authenticated by a master key and was accessible only to a group of teachers.

In the course of time more and more pupils started to use WiFi-capable devices and - having deciphered the key - gained unauthorized connection to the network. This lead to a severe decrease in the quality of the system.

A solution was sought for that manages to filter out unauthorized users and creates a comfortable system for permanent users. It also had to be capable of managing temporary access requests and storing information for the operators.

The optimal method was to develop a system that is connected to the main database of the users and is built over the RADIUS service architecture. In the designing process I analysed various authentication methods like TTLS and PEAP, and taking into consideration the requirements I developed the new network. As part of my work I integrated a modul in the general user management interface for administration of various features (enabling/disabling access, support for temporary access).

The resulting system complies with the quality of service of the version installed in 2004 and implements the above new features.


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