A midrange pathfinder system

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the past few years the global positioning became more and more widely used by all over the world. Applications that are using this technology, starting with the navigation systems and ending with the several location based services are the parts of our everyday life. There are many application fields of global positioning, but one of the most significant is the field of the tracking systems. The introduction of these devices made it possible to develop new advanced safety and vehicle tracking systems.

The tracking of fleet of vehicles is an indispensable tool for logistics, so it is not surprising that nowadays lots of devices are available for this purpose. However, systems for tracking small objects are rare on the market. During the construction of the vehicle tracking devices the question of the weight and size is not so important and this makes these solutions not suitable for using them at this application field.

My B.Sc. thesis introduces the steps of developing and constructing a compact tracking system. One of the main benefits of the chosen concept is that the compact design is not only important on the side of the transmitter, but on the side of the processing and of the user as well. By choosing a suitable communication periphery it is also became possible to develop such a tracking device which is contrary to other solutions won’t have any operational costs, only a one time investment is needed.

Most efficient representation form of moving objects’ positions is to display them on a map. To implement this feature for this tracking system, I have made a visualization software for a smartphone platform. I am going to introduce the implementation of this program in my thesis as well, which is able to display coordinates on a map. This software made it possible for the mobile receiver unit to display the positions of the moving objects in real time even on the field by using a Bluetooth communication channel.


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