Design of the control for building engineering of a public facility

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

It has became unimaginable to create an institution without building engineering since it fits up numerous functions that cannot be dispensed with in a civilised society. For instance such function is the artificial ventilation that derives from the huge capacity of the buildings. We must ensure people in the institution with the adequate quality and quantity of air, the feeling of comfort , the drinking water and the lead away of sewage.

The diploma-work subject I made is the planning of an institution’s guidance via building guidance. I had to fulfil this within a real project at an external firm.

The controls are effectuated by switch-boxes,which’s number and acclimatization are assigned by the function and place of building-engineering frame/system. The acclimatization and the spread of automatic networks according to its functions decreases damages done by accidental faults and also the content of cabels thus enabling us to consider economic aspects too. To prepare the distributor cabinet’s product design, constant conciliations were needed with the mechanical engineers working on the project because the system they desinged contains plenty of devices and tools. The drafts made by engineers helped me to riffle through the set-up and to get acquinted with the devices on it hence I could start the planning according to the most important electricity parameters.

Such parameters include the devices’ level of rated voltage, the rated power consumption and the communication abilities with the network. Knowing this I framed the current-way drawings for the distributor cabinets’ product-designs and simultaneously I chose the proper types of products from a manufacturer’s offers based on measuring. In the case of making frontal drawings of the distributor cabinets I had to take into account the sizes of would-be devices as these are the ones that define how big socket I have to attach to the switch cabinets.

I took part in the launch of the switching cabinets that were constructed based on my product designs and they all completed their tasks after loading the softvers that was responsible for the controlling.


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